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About Us

SCM Services provides supply chain management service solutions to companies worldwide.  SCM Services continues to be moulded from clients and service providers alike.


SCM Services recognises supply chain requirements are dynamic; therefore business models need to readily shift to accommodate our client's needs.  SCM Services delivers value added services which strengthen the supply chain process - ultimately providing clients with greater efficiencies.


SCM Services has delivered supply chain solutions for companies in a range of industries.   Case studies are available demonstrating work in action, available upon request.


SCM Services team members bring together experience as business and industry proponents. Recognising  the advances in service development, combined with experience and knowledge from further improvement on work skills assists in bringing to you standards on business processes.


SCM services gains a different perspective, this comes from working together with various stakeholders, associations, service providers and clients alike.


SCM Services is a 100% Australian owned company with Head Office located in Melbourne Victoria


SCM Services sources information and forges associations to support client's requirements.  SCM Services seeks to work together engaging with all stakeholders on a mutually beneficial platform.  This platform is based on integrity, trust, a social conscience together with a mutual ambition for successful outcomes.


A recent review on SCM Services Carbon Inventory Lifecycle (CIL) found that SCM Services is not subject to mandatory reporting. Nonetheless, SCM Services continues to review its CIL and views this report of its business activities as a living document.  The balance on emissions has been offset for the reporting period through cited organisations.  A copy of reports and evidence on certification is available on request.  Measures on Offsetting applied against projects in Australia with further offsets regarded on abatement projects overseas. We trust you will appreciate this as our sentiment in contributing our company.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all contributors on the business development of SCM Services.