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Service Inventory


Our program seeks to understand the organisational structure, operational boundaries, including all stakeholders. 


Identifying the organisational structure, operational boundaries accounting for all stakeholders allows us to adapt who, what, when, where, why and how process requirements your business needs.


SCM Services recognises to link the supply chain. Identifying party's vested interests on each process will strengthen your business efficiencies.



We believe inventory management and all resources to support inventory management is fundamental to business achieving its targets and goals.  SCM Services seeks to understand the scope on your business requirements. 


The demands on inventory are dictated by supply and demand and you the client, from raw material through to on the floor.  Scope requirements allow us to understand your priorities, and to work together with you to ensure these priorities are achieved.


Through this SCM Services develops a pathway, where all resources required are identified, service arrangements are established, details on arrangements reviewed, and implementation timed to achieve the best outcome.  This may include all or part of the services on offer in our inventory.



Management of your business resources are mirrored by SCM Services.  SCM Services continues to sharpen the sword in seeking out industry best practise skills and services to underpin its business platform - we are inspired to surpass your expectations.


SCM Services recognises the many varied challenges business face.  This knowledge provides clients security in that SCM Services has the experience and skills to manage and deliver the best possible outcomes.


Our continuous review on industry and service developments seeks to assist in your business success and drives our ambition. Our Inventory identifies industry best practise services we believe support your demands.


SCM Services association is based on building a relationship with clients and service providers alike.  Our belief is through working together we become an extension of your business providing competitively priced value added services, tuned to market trends.


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