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Notice to Trade
SCM Services is committed to the preservation of the environment and the avoidance of pollution.  To improve our control of the environmental aspects of our business we are introducing an environmental management system which includes the requirements of standards series principals. 


Details on standards contact our office or connect to Standards Australia or contact SAI Global directly.

It is important to us that our suppliers and sub contractors whose, product, services or activities are likely to impact regard too their commitment to the preservation of the environment and the avoidance of pollution.   Questionnaire is circulated as projects are brought forward.   Thank you for sharing.

Road Transport Identifying measures

Road Transport Industries Heavy Vehicle National Regulator has established nationally including, Australian Capital Territory,  Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia standards on industry practises for vehicles with a mass of 4.5 tonnes.  The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and regulations provides a platform for industry to adapt, apply and deliver industry best practise standards.  For more information on who in the what these regs apply to contact our office or Road Transport Industries peak bodyTruckSafe  or connect National Heavy Vehicle Regulator directly 



Incoterms 2020 
The international Chamber of Commerce publication provides transparency on buyer/seller obligations, costs and risks. Tools in managing agreements on transport boundaries - a must have in the tool box for assistance contact our friendly staff or to obtain a copy connect  International Chamber of Commerce directly.


Triangulation: Good Corporate social activities

A case study undertaken by industry stakeholders MGC Patrick's, and PoMC  provides an example industry working in partnership regarded as good corporate social activities.  The study outlines  an agreement that enables a container unpacked from an importer to be handed directly over to an exporter for re-packing, without the container being transported empty to an empty container park.  


A case study is attached in the tool section of this website to better understand the program
Think safety, high visibility vests in high traffic areas.